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Bed Bug Dog Training

Bed Bug Dog Training

Nip Bed Bugs in the Bud!!
Bed Bug Dog Training, Sales, and Maintenance
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Why K9 Advanced? Our bed bug dog training methods produce superior National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association () certified detection dogs. They are trained with as little as one bed bug; so they can detect an extremely small infestation that other dogs might miss. Better dogs help stop a small problem before it becomes a big one.

We have dogs for sale that have been worked in everyday situations already home, businesses, hotels and more. They are social and ready to work when you are. They have already passes the NESDCA certifications with me.

If you think you may have bed bugs and are not sure what to do, call now and we will quickly and discreetly bring a NESDCA certified dog to your home or business.

Our Bed Bug Detection Dogs are trained three times per day! Training sessions held within a few hours of each other and within the same day not only gives the dog more practice, it will help adjust the dog to his or her new career as a detection dog.

As part of the final training of our Bed Bug Detection Dogs, they are brought to hotels, movie theaters, private homes and furniture stores. When you receive your dog, he or she is already familiar with many types of environments and odors.

Did you buy a scent detection dog out-of-state? We happily offer follow-up maintenance for dogs trained by other companies, including all out-of-state locations. If you are not sure how to keep up with your dog’s previous training; how to get ready for upcoming certification; or if you have failed the certification process and don’t know what to do now, we can help! We promise to improve any pre-trained dog!

In addition, we offer boarding services for your bed bug dogs. Going away you don’t want anyone to watch them. They are your livelihood and should be treated as such. Bring them to me where they will get careful safe care. Their training will be maintained while you’re away so when you come back they’ll be ready to get back to work.