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Call Today! 631-405-4220 or 516-261-6440

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Take an important step to making your canine companion a happy part of your family.

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    Puppy Training

    At any canine age, I can work with any or all family members to housebreak your puppy; avoid destructive chewing; and teach basic commands such as “come”, “sit”, “off” and “leave it”.

    In-Home Dog and Puppy Training

    Using a positive approach, I will display proper play techniques to avoid any aggression issues and get your puppy used to a leash and having food and toys taken away―a must for families with young children!

    Board and Train Program

    Don’t have time to work with your dog every day? Not even sure how to get your dog to obey simple commands? That’s where we come in.

    Nobody likes a doggone misbehaving dog.

    A well-trained dog means a more enjoyable and headache-free experience for you and your family and will give you a more meaningful and rewarding relationship with your pet.

    K9 Advanced Dog Training has over 20 years of experience in the business and we are always professional and courteous. Call now for a free in-home consultation!. serving Nassau and Suffolk county of Long Island.

    K9 Advanced Dog Training

    Long Island Dog Training Expert

    My techniques are proven and ensure that having a dog or puppy in your family can be an enjoyable experience for everyone! Please call now to schedule a FREE in-home consultation where we can discuss what training method and program works best for you!